What have I done so far?

What have I done so far?

As I didn't start this journal when I started the project itself, there are some things that already work.

Here, I'd like to present a quick list of these features and possibly, in future journal entries, I'll write about a few of the more interesting or educational pieces.

The Players page already has everything that I'd planned for the MVP. The list has the top 10 players rendered in a decent, card-based way and they can be sorted (on the client-side, for now) according to chess time formats and age. And just today, I'd also made the list animate when the sorting option changes. Selecting any card transitions to the Player details page.

The Player details page also has most of the first-round features. It provides the  basic ranking data and the historical Elo ratings (HER) of the player going back 10 years. (The data is randomly generated to be in the 2000-2800 range).

A D3 graph is presented below which shows the HER on a line chart. Each line can be toggled with the use of 3 buttons next to the chart.

Player details page – Toggling lines in the chart

Nothing has been done about the Tournaments page so my next task can be one of:

  • Start the Tournaments page
  • Improve the responsiveness of the site
  • Make the image of the player on the Player details page "fly in" from the Players page