Extending the original MVP (aka. moving the goal posts)

Extending the original MVP (aka. moving the goal posts)

At this point, I realized I've completed the pieces needed for my original, self-inflicted MVP .

However, I reckon that MVP wasn't ambitious enough. At the risk of moving the goal posts, I can now think of two features I'd like to extend the application with before considering it an MVP.

  1. Add the ability of stepping through a game on the Game details page. Chess enthusiasts should be able to use either the prev and next buttons or the keyboard (on devices where this is applicable) to go through each move. The chess board naturally should reflect the move the visitor is at.
  2. Add some real data. I maintain that having real Elo rankings for the players is not important for the MVP. However, as I was working on the Game details page , I realized that the ability to go through real games would add a lot of value to the app. At the same time, adding maybe 10-20 games to the "database" wouldn't mean a lot of effort, so why not do it?

Once these features are finished, I'm going to put the app live so that people can play with it and report errors.

Now, onto some coding, this is so much fun!