Not directly related to Sac Sac Mate but since this journal has been mostly about software development and chess so far, I feel it's appropriate to have the following post live here.

A guy who says is bad at chess and doesn't like playing online first makes a papier-mache robot to play against and then implements 30 (yes, 30!) different chess algorithms and makes them compete against each other.

I just love the different algorithms he came up with and to see how well (well, how badly) each of them turns out to play that beautiful game.

He also enters Stockfish and topple, two "real" chess algorithms, into the competition that defeat the weirdos. However, he comes up with an ingenious way to see how good (bad) his algorithms are. He makes a solution of Stockfish (all the way from 99.99% Stockfish to 5% Stockfish) and then makes those versions play against his.

Above the fun and humor, there's several things one can learn as the author (suckerpinch) explains the algorithms and related concepts using hand-drawn and computed rendered charts and graphics.

If you're interested in software development or chess, it's a good 40-minute fun. If you're interested in both, you should absolutely watch it.

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